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Welcome to The Kingdom Queens

The Kingdom Queens is a digital empowerment site for women and girls. This social network is designed to develop educational media that informs users of history, current events, and information relevant to women in our present-day society.

Registered users, Kingdom Queens, are expected to develop a digital landscape; fertile ground for discussion and fruitful opportunities for personal and professional growth. This network provides a study of various problems facing women and girls in an effort to consider positive solutions for the advancement of women in our Kingdom, our local and global community. This virtual world provides the digital infrastructure to network real solutions to issues facing women and girls in their daily lives. Upon thoughtful digital consideration and careful real world implementation these solutions will provide the formula to better career opportunities, personal relationships, and overall life experiences.


The major features of this site present profiles of our current lives within the context of women’s history and the future progression of women globally. This site provides the following features...

  • MyStoryUser Profiles
  • HerStoryInformation Resource Wiki
  • LogosUser Blogs
  • GriotsNews Articles
  • ProverbsWise Quotes and Sayings
  • QueensRock!High-Definition Video

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Upon becoming a Kingdom Queens users have joined a community engaged in excellence. You will be able to share your life experiences, blog your current concerns, and learn what’s happening with like-minded women globally. This site is a safe place committed to protecting your passion for women’s empowerment in the digital information age. We’d LOVE to have you!