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User Blogs

‘Logos’ is the user blog feature, which allows users to share opinions, speak up, and digitally express ourselves in a community that cares.

The Logos

Theologians have used the word ‘Logos’ to illustrate God’s reasoning in action. In first chapter of The Old Testament God said, “…’Let there be light’; and there was light (Genesis 1:3).” When God said, “Let there be light” nothing more had to be done for light to appear from the sky. There is no scientific reference to the making of the sun or other biblical parable about how light came about expect for the spoken word of God. Nothing lies between the speech and the action.

In like manner, user blogs give us the ability to digitally discuss social justice in an effort to make changes in our real world society.

Let Your Light Shine!

You would be surprised by the power of a single blog. With your unique qualities and progressive spirit, millions of people are online daily and would benefit from reading your mind. Dare to express yourself and let your unique opinion be known!

If you were Shirley Chisolm, which road would you take to the White House and why? How would we have met Eleanor Roosevelt’s life and spirit had she not been married to a president? As a woman in a STEM career share your experiences… women in STEM have a need to know!