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The Griots is a team of news writers tasked with keeping users informed about events relevant to the advancement of women’s rights.

A Griot

A Griot, in West African tradition, was a storyteller who dutifully traveled their landscape with the purpose of informing the masses of events past and present. Through the use of song, musical instruments, poetry, and other artistic devices they magically illustrated the story of their land. Responsibly executing their profession soon became a necessary element to the success of their society, and thus the power of the Griot served in many capacities including council to the king.

In like tradition, The Griots on The Kingdom Queens are news writers tasked with informing their digital society in the format of web news articles. A group of brilliant women comprised of diversity of mind, character, and experience, it is their duty to tell of events that allows women’s history to unfold and advance its movement.

Want To Write?

Do you have experience in women’s news journalism? If given a chance what article would you write in education, politics, career, or other fields? Please send your resume and example news articles to ContactUs@TheKingdomQueens.com.