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"Building Character"
"Do not feel sorry when you cannot fulfill every wish your child expresses. Children coming from a home where there is just money enough to give them healthful surroundings but where they are obliged to struggle to a certain extent to obtain opportunities for progress have an advantage over children..."

- Building Character, Eleanor Roosevelt, 1931

Quotes and Wise Sayings

‘Wisdom’ is a database of wise quotes and sayings.


In the Old Testament, Proverbs 8 teaches of the excellence and eternal reign of ‘Wisdom’. This proverb speaks of wisdom as a brilliant woman that , “…takes her stand on the top of the high hill (Proverbs 8:2)”. By her, kings reign and princes rule. The wisdom of our ancestors and elders is tantamount to the successful reign of a queen.

The Book of Proverbs contextualizes wisdom in the midst of deceptive harlotry (chapter 7) and destructive foolishness (chapter 9). This womanly wisdom (chapter 8), much like any modern society, is surrounded by evil; however, its reign is eternal, its knowledge powerful, and its value is more precious than choice jewels.

The Kingdom Queens uses the ‘Wisdom’ database to compile a legacy of wisdom that allows users to fill themselves with the knowledge that has lived throughout the generations and continues to stand the test of time. This feature allows users to add and edit a quote and its author.